L-VJP15A Projection Speakers

L-VJP15A/EN is a high performance 15W projection loudspeaker designed specifically for the Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA-VA) application, and is ideal for use with distributed paging systems where a high degree of speech intelligibility and sound clarity is paramount.

High audio quality and compact design make L-VJP15A/EN ideal for a wide range of applications. The broad and dynamic frequency response makes the L-VJP15A/EN suitable for music and speech reproduction and a superior alternative to Horn speakers in most applications where directional sound dramatically improves Speech Intelligibility. L-VJP15A/EN has low harmonic distortion and excellent sustention of high sound pressure level at all power settings, enabling the loudspeaker to provide accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation and PA messages. This level of sound quality means higher end-user satisfaction.

L-VJP15A/EN does not require Equalisation to function with OWS / EWIS systems.

  • Clear and intelligible audio and excellent frequency response for better STI results
  • Five primary power settings: 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W, 1.9W and 0.95W
  • Easy mounting and adjustment of speaker with removable U-type bracket
  • Low profile for easy installation
  • Fitted with capacitor for line monitoring
  • suitable for outdoor use with aluminium grill and IP65 rated

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L-VJP15A/EN-W: 15W Unidirectional Projection Speaker AS7240.24, white, comes with capacitor, plastic, 15/7.5/3.75/1.9/0.95W

FSP-851AUS-IV: 15W Unidirectional Projection Speaker AS7240.24, black, comes with capacitor, plastic, 15/7.5/3.75/1.9/0.95W

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SAI Global listed to:

  • AS7240.24:2015; SAI Global certificate # SMK40640