4" Ceiling & Surface Mount speakers

L-VCP06D is a 6W, 4" compact recessed ceiling loudspeaker designed specifically for the Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA-VA) applications

It’s dynamic frequency response and high audio quality makes the L-VCP06D suitable for music and speech reproduction. L-VCP06D has a broad frequency response range, low harmonic distortion and excellent sustention of high sound pressure level at all power settings. This allows the loudspeaker to provide accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation and Public Address messages.

This level of sound quality means higher end user satisfaction with reduced installation costs and project compliance

The loudspeaker’s modern and unobtrusive design makes it easily fit in many applications. It is an ideal loudspeaker for indoor use such as in offices, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants..

L-VCP06D has been designed for user friendly and quick installation. Simple power settings, easy to use spring clip tappings and an enclosed terminal block reduce installation time. The custom spring fit system of the L-VCP06D allows for fast and easy installation and for removal without damage to sensitive ceilings. The low profile of the loudspeaker makes it easy to fit even in challenging and ceiling areas with little ceiling space.

  • Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction 
  • High 100dB sound pressure level
  • Easy install or removal thanks to simple spring fit system
  • Flush or surface mounting
  • Stylish and attractive metal grille design
  • Simple power settings
  • Fitted with capacitor for line monitoring


Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 14:19
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L-VCP06D-W - 4” Ceiling loudspeaker, 6/3/1.5/0.75/0.375W, White, AS ISO 7240.24:2015, with capacitor
L-VCP06D-BK - 4” Ceiling loudspeaker, 6/3/1.5/0.75/0.375W, Black, AS ISO 7240.24:2015, with capacitor
L-SMB-W - Surface mount box, White, to suit L-VCP06D-W
L-SMB-BK - Surface mount box, Black, to suit L-VCP06D-BK
  • AS ISO 7240.24 2015