Link NOTIFIER fire alarm and evacuation control panels for network-wide monitoring and control for campus and high rise applications

The NOTI•FIRE•NET intelligent fire alarm network links multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels together as one. Each fire alarm panel on NOTI•FIRE•NET maintains individual programming and continues to operate independently, yet cohesively, as part of a unified network.


    • Fiber optic (multi-mode), wire, or combination wire/fiber communications path
    • Open or closed network operation
    • Based on proven ARCNET® technology
    • Data communications (312,500 BPS) faster than competitive networks
    • Multiple Network Control Annunciators (NCA) or ONYXWorks
    • Workstations may be placed anywhere on the network
    • Node failure does not affect any other nodes/communications

Typical applications:

    • University campuses
    • High rise buildings
    • School districts
    • Hospitals
    • Commercial office parks