VESDAnet Gateway

NOTI•FIRE•NET™ to VESDAnet interface

The VESDA-HLI-GW provides a communication link between the NFN network and the VESDAnet. This link enables event notification and control of devices on the VESDAnet through the NFN network. Event notifications are displayed on the fire network annunciators. Control can be initiated from these annunciators.


    • Communicates with the VHX-1420-HFS using Modbus protocol via RS-232 cables.
    • Supervises the communications to the VHX-1420-HFS.
    • Monitors up to 100 detectors.
    • Displays VESDA devices as type "Aspiration" on the display nodes.
    • Monitors and controls VESDAnet detector events from NCA-2and ONYXWorks
    • Enables zone mapping.


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