Photo-electric smoke detector

2151BAUS conventional photoelectric smoke detector contains a unique optical sensing chamber designed to sense smoke particles produced by a wide range of combustion sources.

Its sensing chamber is designed to reduce nuisance alarms by reducing effects of back pressure air flow, dirt, and insects. This chamber is protected by a fine mesh screen which can be cleaned or replaced.

This detector is designed to provide open area protection when used with compatible control panels.


  • Stable performance in high air velocities.
  • Internal magnetically operated reed switch for testing.
  • Sensing chamber sealed against back pressure air flow, dirt and insects.
  • Fine mesh screen protecting chamber can be cleaned or replaced.
  • Dual LED's which blink in stand-by, give 360˚ visible alarm indication.
  • LED's latch on in alarm.
  • Remote LED indication capabilities arestandard.
  • Sleek, low profile design.


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2151BAUS: Conventional photo-electric smoke detector