2012 Series Smoke Alarms

2012/24AUSI photoelectric smoke-alarms are designed to respond to a broad range of fires while providing maximum stability and its compact design makes it attractive and easy to install.

The low-voltage wiring make them ideal for applications such as apartment buildings and nursing homes. Designed for use as open area protection up to 24 units may be interconnected.

These multi-voltage 4 wire smoke alarms can be connected to many third party devices such as security alarm systems and access control systems. The 2012/24AUSI is supplied complete with mounting ring and 9VDC back-up battery.

  • Certified to AS3786:2014 (2012/24AUSI only)>/li>
  • 9-24 volt DC operation
  • Integral Temporal-3 sounder
  • Interconnectable up to 24 units
  • Built-in Hush/Test push button
  • LED indicates standby and alarm modes
  • Relay output for connection to external systems such as Security panels
  • Chamber integrity check function
  • 9V battery backup (2012/24AUSI only)
  • Backwards compatible with 2012H 2012J and 2012/24AUS


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2012J Photoelectric 4-wire smoke alarm
2012/24AUSI Photoelectric 4-wire smoke alarm with 9 volt battery back-up