Conventional VESDA-E VEA

A new approach for addressable smoke detection

Conventional VESDA-E VEA is ushering in a new era of aspirating smoke detection. As a multichannel addressable system, the VEA detector is able to divide a protected space in to sampling locations, enabling the localization of potential sources of fire for faster incident response. Using microbore tubes, the VEA provides assued detection through active sampling and pin point notification of alarm with flexible installation options, as well as field programmability, enhanced connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

  • Pinpoint addressability with assured detection
  • 40 addressable microbore tubes with individual sampling points
  • End to end system integrity monitoring
  • Automatic samping point presence and tube breakage detection
  • Automatic sample point cleaning
  • Office spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Multi-story dwellings
  • Warehouses

VEA-040-A00: VESDA-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector with LED Display

VEA-040-A10: VESDA-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector with 3.5”