Conventional VESDA-E VEU

Next generation of VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection Technology

The Conventional VEU series of aspirating smoke detectors are the premium detector of the VESDA-E range. An Ultra-wide sensitivity range; 15 times greater than VESDA VLP, and provision for more sampling holes provide an increased coverage in high airflow applications by up to 40%. Considerably longer linear pipe runs and extended branched pipe network configurations cater perfectly to applications with higher ceilings providing an increased coverage by up to 80% whilst allowing convenient detector mounting for ease of service and maintenance. A range of revolutionary new features provide unsurpassed detection performance, flexibility, field programmability, connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

  • Short wavelength laser based detection
  • Inherent absolute calibration 
  • Advanced detection technology equivalent to hundreds of thousands of sensors
  • Clean air barrier for optics protection
  • Most robust contamination resistance 
  • Ultra-wide sensitivity range
  • Flow fault thresholds configurable per port
  • Long-life, easy-to-replace filter
  • LEDs for alarm and fault signalling
  • 3.5” colour touch screen for status review
  • Advanced remote diagnostics
  • Area coverage up to 2,000 m² (21,500 ft²)
  • Up to four inlet pipes
  • Total pipe length of 800 m (2,624 ft)
  • AutoLearnTM Smoke and Flow
  • Seven programmable relays
  • Two GPIs, monitored and unmonitored
  • Ultrasonic flow sensing
  • Easy mounting with optional steel support bracket
  • Field replaceable aspirator, sampling module, filter and detection chamber
  • VESDAnet networking
  • Ethernet 100 base T & WiFi, IEEE488.11/b/g/n
  • Easy cable termination access
  • Event Log (20,000 events)

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VEU-A00: VESDA-E VEU with LED display

VEU-A10:VESDA-E VEU with 3.5" Display

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