LDN Series

Harsh area linear heat detection cable

System Sensor's linear heat detection system is a fixed temperature device consisting of the conductor cable and
an EOL box. When heated to the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymer insulation melts allowing the inner conductors to
contact each other initiating an alarm state. This type of detection is widely used in industrial,
petrochemical, refinery and power generation plants.



    • Continuous sensitivity along the length of cable
    • Easy to install, test and splice
    • Chemical resistant
    • UV resistant
    • available in 68,78, 88 and 105 degree celsius


Ordering Information

68°C (155°F) Alarm Temperature

FG-59-022: LDN-68-155(100m) - 100m roll
FG-59-023: LDN-68-155(200m) - 200m roll
FG-59-024: LDN-68-155(500m) - 500m roll
FG-59-025: LDN-68-155(1000m) - 1000m roll

78°C (172°F) Alarm Temperature

FG-59-026: LDN-78-172(100m) - 100m roll
FG-59-027: LDN-78-172(200m) - 200m roll
FG-59-028: LDN-78-172(500m) - 500m roll
FG-59-029: LDN-78-172(1000m) - 1000m roll

88°C (190°F) Alarm Temperature

FG-59-030: LDN-88-190(100m) - 100m rol
FG-59-031: LDN-88-190(200m) - 200m roll
FG-59-032: LDN-88-190(500m) - 500m roll
FG-59-033: LDN-88-190(1000m) - 1000m roll

105°C (220°F) Alarm Temperature

FG-59-034: LDN-105-220(100m) - 100m rol
FG-59-035: LDN-105-220(200m) - 200m roll
FG-59-036: LDN-105-220(500m) - 500m roll
FG-59-037: LDN-105-220(1000m) - 1000m roll


  • UL/FM
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE marked

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