5151AUS series thermal detectors

The Notifier 5151AUS Series of conventional heat/thermal detectors has been designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets using thermistor sensing technology to provide reliable detection of heat which would only be caused by a fire emergency.

These detectors feature dual red LEDs and mounting base interchangability with Notifier's photoelectric smoke detectors. Model 5151RAUS is a low temperature heat detector featuring both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise operation for use in areas below 50°C without rapid temperature increases.



    • Provides fixed point and/or rate of rise operation.
    • Available in low temperature (63˚C) or high temperature (90˚C).
    • Compatible with 100 and 400 series products.
    • Dual LED design provides 360° viewing angle.
    • Thermistor sensing technology.
    • Uses universal B401 plug in base.
    • Low profile.
    • Built-in functional test switch activated by external magnet.
    • 12/24VDC operation.


Ordering Information

FG-02-020: 5151RAUS – Rate of Rise, 63°C 
FG-02-021: 5151AUS – Fixed Temperature, 63°C 
FG-02-022: 5151HRAUS – Rate of Rise, 90°C 
FG-02-023: 5151HAUS – Fixed Temperature, 90°C

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