Conventional Zone Interface Module

The FZM-1 Conventional Zone Interface is an addressable module that monitors compatible two-wire, 24 volt conventional detectors on a circuit. It is intended
for use in intelligent, addressable systems, where the individual address of each module is selected using built-in rotary switches. This module allows intelligent panels to interface and monitor two wire conventional smoke detectors. It transmits the status (normal, open, or alarm) of one full zone of conventional detectors back to the control panel. All two-wire detectors being monitored must be compatible with the module.


    • Supports compatible two-wire smoke detectors.
    • Direct-dial entry of address: 01 – 159 on FlashScan loops; 01 – 99 on CLIP loops.
    • LED flashes during normal operation; this is a programmable option.
    • LED latches steady to indicate alarm on command from control panel.


Ordering Information

FG-05-029: FZM-1 Single conventional zone interface module.


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