ACS Annunicators
The Notifier ACS Series Annunciators provide a modular line of products for annunciation and control.

Features (ACM-16AT):

ACM-16AT is suitable for many applications including solate/de-isolate functions and test switches for solenoids.
    • Communications and communications Fail LED indication.
    • Lamp test button
    • 16 touch pad switches
    • Switches may be set in banks of 8 to either "toggle on/toggle off" or momentary modes
    • 16 red and 16 yellow LED's

Features (ACM-32A):

This module may be programmed to show the status of any point, zone or module on the system.
    • Communications and Communications Fail LED indication.
    • Lamp test button.
    • 32 red LED's.


Ordering Information

10143: ACM-16AT/2800 LED and Button annunicator
10144: ACM-32A/2800 - LED output module

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