NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of the CFP-16 - 8/16 zone conventional fire alarm control panel. Designed in Australia to meet local conditions and requirements the CFP-16 demonstrates how AS7240.2 approved systems doesn’t mean compromise. With usability as a key focus for development and utilizing industry leading manufacturing and testing practices the CFP-16 will allow provide a reliable and easy to use yet powerful detection and control for all conventional detection applications.


NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of the B501AUS intelligent detector base. Designed to improve usability of the base and ensure a simple and easy installation the B501A incorporates many new features such as;

    • Simplified in-line mounting points
    • Larger cable entry
    • Cable connection marking moulded in

Version 6.01.00 PCI is now released for the AFP-2800 and AFP-2802.