The release of the VESDA LaserPLUS series in 1997 marked the beginning of a new era for Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) technology. Paving the way for unprecedented success VESDA VLP has evolved ASD from a niche technology to a mainstay of the fire detection industry.

With the introduction of the new range of VESDA detectors, VESDA-E has set a new benchmark in the industry; providing superior detection performance; greater tolerance to nuisance alarms, lifetime stability in a wide range of applications, added flexibility and a new range of connectivity options as such we are announcing discontinuance of VESDA VLP & VLC

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NOTIFIER is pleased to announce Service Release 10: AFP-3030/NCA-2 Service Pack v26.5 and VeriFire Tools v9.40.

The Service Pack provides many improvements and new features that provide;

  • Improved User Experience and Efficiency
  • Improved Networking Tools
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Tools
  • Additional functions to provide less Unwanted Alarms
  • Upgraded Reliability & Security

System Release 10 New Features and Functions Overview Presentation

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NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of ONYXWorks and FirstVision version 4.30. As customer needs become more complex, the role of software in fire systems has become increasingly critical. Whether integrating separate systems, providing enhanced situational awareness or customizing a system to meet specific needs, ONYXWorks provides the solution in connectivity and flexibility.

This new versions contains many improvements and new features that provide;

  • Prevent false alarms with Look Ahead feature
  • Easier to use- with New User Experience Designed Interface
  • Save time- with CAD (.DXF) File Support
  • Save labour & cost- with Embedded Gateway Upgrade Utility

OnyxWorks and FirstVision New Features and Functions Overview Presentation

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In order to maintain up-to-date cybersecurity measures, it sometimes becomes necessary to discontinue support of certain products.  Due to the discontinuation of the HS-GW-EMPCA software operating system, NOTIFIER will end support of HS-GW-EMPCA hardware effective immediately.

Please note that the property value of the board in the gateway configuration tool is listed as “HS-GW-EM”. The products listed below with a Board Type labelled “HS-GW-EMPCA” offered between 2009 – 2012, are affected:

  • NFN-GW-EM-3
  • NWS-3

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In recent years, world governing bodies have looked more closely at the use of gasses and the amounts that are released into the environment and, thus HFC 134a was targeted for phase out. Having been aware of these upcoming changes for some time, Solo has developed several alternatives to ensure users can continue to benefit from the reliability offered by the current range.

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Due to an obsolescence of a component used in our FSL-751 VIEW detector by one of our component suppliers Notifier is forced to discontinue this device with immediate effect.
Unfortunately, we must reject any unconfirmed open orders and all new orders for FSL-751 VIEW detectors with immediate effect.
We anticipate releasing a direct replacement using new technology shortly which will provide a high sensitivity point detector. This new device will be able to be used as a drop-in replacement for the current FSL-751 VIEW detector.
Availability is expected towards Q4 2018.

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Due to manufacturing changes for other regions Notifier is discontinuing the FDM-1 input module.

The product will be available until end of June 2018. Last buy opportunity for this device will be 31st June 2018.

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NOTIFIER is announcing the release of firmware upgrades for Onyx AFP-3030 & NCA-2 to v24.11

This release is to correct an issue where the Notification Alliance Circuits (NACs) on the CPU may momentarily activate during a system reset

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NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of the Intelligent FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® smoke detectors - FSA-5000, FSA-8000, FSA-20000. Intelligent FAAST® Series aspirating smoke detectors deliver highly accurate early warning fire detection. NOTIFIER’s Intelligent FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® series is the only aspirating smoke detector that can integrate directly to ONYX Series fire alarm control panels. Intelligent FAAST connects to the fire system signalling loop just like any other detection device. These unique capabilities simplify installation and management, reduce cost and complexity, and make aspirating smoke detection a more valuable investment over time.

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Notifier is announcing the discontinuation of the Ionisation detectors: FSI-851AUS & CPX-751AUS. 

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