FIP 1010 and FIP 2020 have been discontinued in 2005 all components have now been exhausted. NOTIFIER would like to advise that these products will not be supported anymore as of immediately.


These panels can be replaced by the AFP-3030 addressable Fire Alarm and Control Panel.


Datasheet, Manual and additional information can be found on our website.

Please contact your NOTIFIER Systems Consultant with any questions regarding pricing and availability and technical questions should be directed to NOTIFIER technical support.



In recent years, world governing bodies have looked more closely at the use of gasses and the amounts that are released into the environment and, thus HFC 134a was targeted for phase out. Having been aware of these upcoming changes for some time, Solo has developed several alternatives to ensure users can continue to benefit from the reliability offered by the current range.

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NOTIFIER would like to advise that the new FSAV devices now support Flashscan and CLIP protocol.

Please use the following identification on the devices to differentiate devices for Flashscan protocol applications only and for devices for Flashscan / CLIP protocol applications.

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A cyber security vulnerability that effects the NWS-3 was recently discovered by a Cyber Security researcher. NOTIFIER by Honeywell takes the security of our customers and products seriously. We have released an updated version of firmware that addresses this vulnerability and we recommend that the update be performed as soon as possible.

The details of the vulnerability can be found in Security Notice SN 2020-02-04 linked below

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NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of ONYXWorks and FirstVision version 4.30. As customer needs become more complex, the role of software in fire systems has become increasingly critical. Whether integrating separate systems, providing enhanced situational awareness or customizing a system to meet specific needs, ONYXWorks provides the solution in connectivity and flexibility.

This new versions contains many improvements and new features that provide;

  • Prevent false alarms with Look Ahead feature
  • Easier to use- with New User Experience Designed Interface
  • Save time- with CAD (.DXF) File Support
  • Save labour & cost- with Embedded Gateway Upgrade Utility

OnyxWorks and FirstVision New Features and Functions Overview Presentation

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NOTIFIER is pleased to announce Service Release 11: AFP-3030/NCA-2 Service Pack v27.5 and VeriFire Tools v10.57.

The Service Pack provides many improvements and new features that provide;

  • Improved Serviceability with new range disable/ Range enable feature
  • Improved flexibility for Alarm Verification Facility
  • Digital Voice Command support added to Australian VeriFire Tools
  • Better Fan Control monitoring and visibility

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