Carol Shi

Carol Shi

To prolong battery life onsite on the AFP-3030 (New Zealand) Fire Alarm Panels, Notifier is recommending customers to reduce the frequency and duration of battery testing.

With advancements in technology, changes in standards, and maintaining best-in-class product performance and effective support, we would like to announce that Notifier AFP-2800NZ is discontinued as of immediately with its replacement Notifier Onyx AFP-3030A NZ already in place

Notifier is pleased to announce that the Self-Learn Online Courses and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses are now available at My Honeywell Building University (MyHBU).

The next evolution of beam smoke detection is now available from NOTIFIER. Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) offers a reliable and cost-effective smoke detection solution for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings.

With only one device to install and align, these single-ended optical beam solutions save you time and money on large-area applications

High False Alarm Resistance to Building Movement, LED Guided Alignment + More


New fire alarm system installations and retrofits can be complex and costly, posing challenges when installing fire alarm equipment and wiring. The new Notifier SWIFT Wireless Fire Detection system offers unmatched levels of communication reliability and installation flexibility. It provides a robust and efficient method of delivering an integrated smoke detection solution across a wider variety of applications, with greater simplicity and scalability. 

FIP 1010 and FIP 2020 have been discontinued in 2005 all components have now been exhausted. NOTIFIER would like to advise that these products will not be supported anymore as of immediately.


These panels can be replaced by the AFP-3030 addressable Fire Alarm and Control Panel.


Datasheet, Manual and additional information can be found on our website.

Please contact your NOTIFIER Systems Consultant with any questions regarding pricing and availability and technical questions should be directed to NOTIFIER technical support.




MyHBU is a customer Learning Management System, aligning all of Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT) brands such as Notifier and Xtralis onto a single learning platform.