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NOTIFIER is excited to announce Intelligent, Addressable VESDA-E detectors are now available. When seamless fire alarm control panel integration to VESDA aspirating smoke detection is required, these detectors are the right solution! The Intelligent, Addressable VESDA-E detectors directly integrate with the NOTIFIER’s ONYX® AFP3030 fire alarm control panel SLC loop.

Traditionally, multiple monitor modules and/or High Level Interfaces (HLIs) were required to interface conventional VESDA-E detectors to the fire alarm control panel. These new VESDA-E detectors eliminate those installation costs whilst adding the ability for NOTIFIER ONYX AFP-3030 to display alarm levels and directly enable/disable and reset the detector.

  • Increase productivity with reduced installation cost and commissioning time.
  • Increased reliability by removing intermediate hardware between the detector and the fire panel.
  • Improved functionality with direct annunciation and control with the Fire Alarm Control Panel.

For additional details, please refer to the VESDA-E page on our website.

Honeywell continues to monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation globally and the safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. We have established a global, cross-functional group, including our Honeywell medical team, that meets daily and provides employees with important information about the virus.

We are implementing additional precautions for our sites aimed at reducing risk for our employees, customers and partners. These guidelines include:

  •  All meetings that would bring visitors to the site should be changed to virtual conferences.
  • We are asking customers, suppliers and other partners to limit visits to our sites to essential business requirements (e.g. delivering supplies).
  • All visitors should be aware that they may be required to affirm their health status and provide a travel history background. All visitors must comply with Honeywell guidelines and any local applicable regulations while onsite or working on behalf of Honeywell.
  • We expect all Honeywell employees visiting customer locations to abide by the rules of their hosts as well.
  • We expect visitors to our site, and Honeywell employees visiting other locations, to be honest about their health and travel history for their safety and for those with whom they might come in contact.
  • All Honeywell employees will continue to follow the World Health Organization guidelines as well as Honeywell instructions regarding personal and professional travel to high risk areas and self-isolation and self-monitoring.

Honeywell will continue to follow all governmental guidance regarding travel restrictions, self-quarantining and reporting.