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Battery Life Improvement on the New Zealand AFP-3030 Fire Alarm Panel / NCA-2

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To prolong battery life onsite on the AFP-3030 (New Zealand) Fire Alarm Panels, Notifier is recommending customers to reduce the frequency and duration of battery testing.

The battery test schedule on AFP-3030 panel is controlled by Logic Zone 980 (LZ980). The panel will perform a battery test when LZ980 is active.

Currently, the default logic for ZL980 is TIM(MO,WE,FR,06:00:00,07:00:00). Based on this logic the panel will perform an automatic battery test on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6am and finishing at 7am.

Notifier recommends changing the duration of battery testing to 30 minutes.

Steps to change the battery test schedule:

  1. Upload panel database using VeriFire Tools (VFT)
  2. Change logic equation for LZ980 in VFT to run battery test on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings for 30 minutes TIM(MO,WE,FR,09:00:00,09:30:00)

 PB21 019 AFP 3030 Battery Test NZ

Note: For changes made in the field, using older versions of VFT, ignore the warning that appears when the program is validated concerning the altering of the values away from the default values.

Please contact your local Notifier representative for queries in relation to this notice

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