LCD mimic display

The LCD-80 is an 80-character, backlit LCD display annunciator for the NOTIFIER AFP-2800 and AFP-2802 fire indicator panels (FIP). Up to 32 LCD-80s may be connected onto the two-wire distributed ring. The LCD-80 has two basic modes of operation, “Terminal” and “Annunciator” mode.



    • 80-character backlit Liquid Crystal Display (20 characters x 4 lines).
    • Time and date display field.
    • Can be remotely located up to 1000 metres from the control panel.
    • Displays alarms, faults and isolates
    • Mutable local piezo sounder with alarm/fault/isolate resound.
    • Flush or surface mount options available.
    • EIA-485 interface: up to 32 per FIP.

Ordering Information

10198: LCD-80/2800 80 character LCD remote mimic

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