8 or 16 zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

With usability as a key focus for development and utilizing industry leading manufacturing and testing practices; the CFP-16 will provide an easy to use and powerful detection and control system for all conventional detection applications.

The standard panel is equipped with 8 zones but may be extended to 16 Zones by the addition of an 8 Zone expansion module.

The CFP-16 is extremely flexible and can be programmed to meet the demands of a wide variety of building types.



    • 8 Zones – expandable to 16 Zones
    • 80 character LCD display providing a simple user friendly interface
    • 24 character programmable zone descriptor
    • Zones can be configured for a range of different device type functions
    • Outputs may be programmed for different functional and cause & effect requirements
    • Compact 5.6 or 11.7 Amp system power supply and charger
    • Optional programmable OWS with control, display and microphone module
    • Optional 8 way programmable relay modules
    • Two cabinet sizes 650 mm and 900 mm
    • Remote LED mimic available


Ordering Information

CFP-16/650-8Z-PS5: 8 zones fitted with NPS-5 in CAB650
CFP-16/650-8Z-PS11: 8 zones fitted with NPS-11 in CAB650
CFP-16/900-8Z-PS5: 8 zones fitted with NPS-5 in CAB900
CFP-16/900-8Z-PS11: 8 zones fitted with NPS-11 in CAB900

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FPA Equipment listing #: NI/102

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